Tools For Creating Video Tours

If you were a potential buyer would you prefer to see a handful of images or a video tour of a property?

We will assume that most of you have responded that you would prefer a video tour, and that’s why we are going to let you know of the free tools (other than time & camera) that make it easy to get virtual tours up on your website/s.
Here is an example of a video tour produced by Kathleen Buckley:

First of all, you will need the raw video footage which will require you to go to the property, with a video camera, and shoot a video of the property. Don’t worry! This will not be your final production so your shoot does not need to be perfect from beginning to end.

It was mentioned above that the camera is not a free tool, but we recommend something like a
Flip because they are provide good video, are relatively inexpensive and extremely portable.

You may have noticed that Kathleen’s video pointed to the property out on the map. You could do the same thing by using Google Maps (Ideally in satellite view). Just zoom in on the property while recording your screen with Jing, an excellent & free screen recording tool.

Once you have obtained all the desired footage, you can use one of several free video editors including, but not limited to:

The video editors are pretty straight-forward to use, and I will not go into details. Just import the clips you want, remove the unwanted parts, add music if desired, etc.

Once your video is completed you may want to upload it to YouTube , a free video hosting web site.

YouTube will allow you to obtain the HTML necessary to embed the video anywhere you would like. So all you need to do is paste that code on your website/s and listing sites to make it available to your potential buyers!

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