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We have just released the NEW Affiliate Marketing Program within the PropTrackr Real Estate Management Software and will be sending out our BETA Keys to a select few PropTrackr accounts. We are currently testing the new update to find and locate any bugs before sending out to our current clients. Please be patient as we working out any small issues.

To give you an idea of what this new update will do and how you can get it to work for your real estate company, we will explain a little bit here and at our support center.

Here at PropTrackr we designed the Affiliate Program to help expand our network of real estate professionals while giving back to our current clients. The PropTrackr affiliate program is so simple to use it almost makes money on auto pilot. By simply signing up for the PropTrackr software you gain access to the affiliate program and immediately start earning a 25% commission on every new paying client you get to sign up to the PropTrackr real estate management software.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

When you signup for a PropTrackr account or if you already have a PropTrackr account you are automatically eligible to participate in the affiliate marketing program. Once you have created a campaign you will place a tiny snippet of code on any website, within that tiny piece of code PropTrackr has generated a unique ID specific to your campaign. Once you have placed the banner advertisement you are on your way to making some extra money. The PropTrackr Affiliate program will track clicks, free trial sign ups and paid accounts that are driven by your affiliate program banner.

How much can I earn?

The PropTrackr affiliate program allows you to collect 25% of every paying customer you sign up. So if you signup 2 client who pay their first month, you will receive 25% of each monthly cost. The more you get to signup the more you can make.

How do I get paid?

PropTrackr will send you a check once you have accumulated $250 dollars worth of monthly clients.

Can I roll that money directly into my PropTrackr account?

Unfortunately no, not at this time.

How do I setup a campaign?

The PropTrackr affiliate program is simple to use and understand. You can set up a new campaign with just a few clicks of your mouse. The way it works is you decide on where you would like to place the affiliate banner or text, on your own website, a website like Activerain or RealTown, blog comments, just about anywhere. Once you have decided that you simply login to your PropTrackr account, navigate to the affiliate section and create a new campaign. Title the campaign anything you would like and your done, your first PropTrackr affiliate campaign is running and you are ready to start earning extra income.

Alright I have a campaign, Now what?

Simply click the view details by right clicking on the campaign and PropTrackr has provided you with the auto generated snippet of code for you to place where you would like. Choose from five preloaded banners, ranging in size from 728x90px to 250x300px all the way up to sky scraper banners at 160x600px.

Where can I place these banners?

Any website you would like. There is no restriction on where these can go.

How many campaigns can I have running?

Unlimited, we suggest that you a few campaigns running with detailed titles so you can track them easily and you can place them anyplace you would like. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Activerain, RealTown, Your Blog or anyplace you would like.

Do I have to use the PropTrackr banners?

No you do NOT have to use the banner we give you. If you can create your own banners or text banners you can use any banner you would like. The only thing you can NOT change is the unique URL identifier.

Can I use a text link instead of a banner?

Yes you can, by simply changing the HTML code you can add your own banner or text.

If you would like to learn a little more about the PropTrackr Affiliate program visit our support center or contact us.

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