Bug Fixes and Enhancements to PropTrackr

PropTrackr Real Estate Management Software

Another successful update last night. The PropTrackr development team has been hard at work solving issues and updating the system. Last they released another set of updates to the system. Here is a list of just a few of the updates & bug fixes that were released in last night’s update.

System Updates

  • New Property Search Filter
  • New Comparables Estimator – Eppraisal Estimate added
  • The ability to sort and order mortgages
  • Failed fax email notification
  • Tracking client side property submissions
  • Property notes – Notification

Bug Fixes

  • HUD-1 removed from application center
  • Dashboard last 5 contacts now link to contact details
  • Failed fax email notification with details
  • Viewing content of sent faxes
  • PropMapr Data feed updated

There is a new property search filter giving our clients the ability to now search by specific fields like address, city, state, zip code and contact name.

Also included in last night’s update is a new comparable search function. You can now see an estimated price of a real estate property from Zillow and Eppraisal with the PropTrackr estimate showing up giving our clients more options to choose from.

Taking suggestions from our clients, have proven to be a huge advantage in developing our software. This next update came from one of our clients, when adding a property note to the system you can now view who received the note under the “Notified” section of property notes.PropTrackr Real Estate Management Software

Being able to easy and efficiently track client data is huge for running a real estate business and that is why we added the feature to track customer submitted properties. When a client logs into your PropTrackr account and submits a property for sale to your real estate company, their contact name is now listed as the source. Giving you the ability to sort and organize your data by customers who submitted data.

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