New Site Launched

Launch of the new website has been completed and now the world can see it. We have spent countless hours fine tunning, updating, redesigning and programming the new website to better server our customers. We have updated our  features and overview section to better serve our new customers and to answer any questions before signing up for the FREE 14 Day Trial.

We have also been working hard on our support website adding new a FAQ section, creating how to videos, creating new help topics and more, you should stop by and check it out.

With the launch of the new website we have also launched the Action Plan Module. Action Plans were designed and developed to save you and your company a lot of time with daily tasks like sending emails to new clients, updating everyone involved with a project and more.

To give you a little preview of how powerful this tool is, lets walk through a possible scenario:

You have a potential home buyer who has contacted your office looking to purchase a home. Taking the contact information and plugging it into your PropTrackr account and assigning it to the “New Client Action Plan” allows you or the system to automatically contact them via email on a predetermined number of days. This isn’t just any email, this email is a “Thank You for your interest and we are working hard to find the best home for you and your family. Please visit to start shopping for the perfect home.”

You have made your first contact with a potential client all without typing a word. PropTrackr’s Action Plan Module has done this for you. Now we get to see the power of this module in action, within the New Client Action Plan there are more “actions” to be completed. Four days after the first initial contact, the system sends another follow up email asking if there are any questions that they might have. All the while you haven’t had to do anything to keep in contact with the new client.

Action Plans are fully customizable to fit your needs, the above situation is just one example of how the system can help automate some of your offices daily tasks. Another Action Plan that can be useful is when a property closes mass emailing everyone involved letting them know that everything has been completed.

Stay tuned as we bring you more Action Plan Templates and ideas to make your real estate profession a little bit easier.

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