Blogging… Promoting Your Real Estate Properties

Real Estate Blogging

Spending an hour or so to write up a blog post once or twice a week can help improve your website visibility by adding new and changing content. All the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and love indexing new content and the more content you have changing the more the search engines will return to index your site.  Read more about improving your website rankings with these suggestions.
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PropTrackr has made this task simple for all of our clients by integrating one of the most powerful blogging platforms on the web today, WordPress. WordPress allows our clients to easily post a blog articles directly to their PropTrackr real estate website. Making it simple to pass on real estate related news, new property details and everyday postings about your business.
We will quickly go over how simple it is to setup a new post to advertise a new real estate property. If you haven’t setup your blog yet read this article at the PropTrackr support center and get started blogging today.

6 simple steps to creating a blog post in the PropTrackr Real Estate Management Software.

Step 1. Login to your PropTrackr real estate account.
Step 2. Navigate to the website design grid on the left hand side. (see the screen shot below)
Real Estate Management Software Blog
Step 3. Click on the posts link and add a new post.
Step 4. Type out all property details, property price, description, add in pictures, add in video. Anything you would like to help sell or get your post noticed. Choose the category you would like you post to show up under.*
Step 5. Link your real estate property details over to your PropMapr account for further details.
Step 6. Click publish in the top left of your screen and view your new blog post at your PropTrackr website.
*Here at PropTrackr we suggest if you are going to post property details as a blog post that you create a Real Estate Property Category for all your listings to be under.

Just like that you have created a blog post on your site, advertising your real estate property and increasing the number of pages for the major search engines to index. Take a look at a quick example of a property blog post here.

Do you have any advertising suggestions, where to post properties, what to blog about? Take a minute and leave us a comment, we would love to share those ideas with our clients.

Stay tuned as we expand on this idea and show you next time how to have your blog post syndicate out to the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. The only thing you have to do is post on your blog and the tools we suggest do the rest.

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